Appt Specifics and Pix

Scheduling our house call acupuncture session is the first step- just give me a call or email... During our session we'll discuss and examine our patient and if necessary I can review lab reports, x-rays, current medications, etc. In-home veterinary acupuncture is great- patients are usually relaxed and examining them in their home environment is often very revealing. My patients are typically quite cooperative during our sessions- but they do not have to remain absolutely still in order for acupuncture to work. It is fine if they are a little wiggly or nervous at first. Acupuncture is a gentle medicine and I practice it that way. We normally work where the patient is comfortable; their bed, the couch, etc...

Sessions are initially spaced at once/twice weekly intervals for best results. My goal is to see improvement within the first handful (4-5) of sessions and then to maintain that improvement- often with less frequent sessions.

My house call range is primarily within the Santa Barbara and Montecito areas. My availability is by appointment: Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays are currently open for scheduling. I am usually right on-time for everyone, but I may be a little early or a little late. Also, please know that your house call appt will be held specifically for you. If you need to reschedule please give me 24 hours notice.

2018 Rates:
My standard rate for house call acupuncture sessions is $170. I also offer cold laser and electro acupuncture and may recommend natural injections such as Vitamin B12, Adequan and Legend; these are extra. I accept cash, check or major credit cards.







"The Chuco Session"