Appt Specifics

To ask for a house call appt, please email me some specifics, your location and phone #. I will offer an appt time if I can take your case... During our first session we'll discuss and examine our patient. If necessary, I can review lab reports, x-rays, current medications, etc- and then we'll do acupuncture. In-home vet acupuncture is great- patients are usually relaxed, and examining them in their home environment is often very revealing. My patients are typically quite cooperative during our sessions but they do not have to remain absolutely still in order for acupuncture to work. It is fine if they are a little wiggly- acupuncture is a gentle medicine and I practice it that way. The needles stay in for about 15 minutes. We normally work where the patient is comfortable; their bed, the couch, etc...

Sessions are initially spaced at once or twice weekly intervals for best results. My goal is to see improvement within the first handful of sessions and then to maintain that improvement- often with less frequent treatments. I can administer natural injections such as Adequan and Vitamin B12 which also help some patients.

My house call range is primarily within the Santa Barbara and Montecito areas. My availability is by appointment: most Mondays and Thursdays are currently open for scheduling. I am usually right on-time for everyone, but please give me a +/- 10 minute window around our appt time. Also, please know that your house call appt will be held specifically for you: if you need to reschedule, please give me 24 hours notice.

2019 Rates:
My rate for house call acupuncture sessions is $170. I accept cash, check or credit card.
(CC +$5)







"The Chuco Session"